AliveCor再次。 我们最近涵盖了AliveCor在其Kardia移动应用程序(iOS / Android)中包含Omron血压数据,他们正在通过集成体重和活动跟踪来快速扩展其产品。 这将推出他们的产品,专注于整个心脏护理的连续性 – 专注于向患者和提供者提供有意义的信息。 这些指标是心脏病治疗和中风预防的可改变的风险因素 – 这可能只是AliveCor的冰山一角。 他们还正在努力清除他们的Kardia乐队,将在Apple Watch上提供临床级心电图。alivecor-kardia


AliveCor is Expanding The Role That Mobile Applications Play in Cardiac Care

AliveCor is at it again. We recently covered AliveCor’s inclusion of Omron blood pressure data in their Kardia mobile application (iOS/Android) and they are quickly expanding their offering by integrating weight and activity tracking. This rounds out their offering to focus on the entire continuum of cardiac care – focused on delivering meaningful information to patients and providers. These metrics are modifiable risk factors for cardiac care and stroke prevention – this is likely only the tip of the iceberg for AliveCor. They are also working toward clearance of their Kardia Band which will deliver clinical-grade electrocardiography on the Apple Watch.